Who we are

From the very beginning Bati Gestion has concentrated on new property development in the office building sector. When they took this company over jointly in 1988, Philippe Bodier and Yann Mordret wanted to continue this direction, creating more than 260 000 m2 of quality office space in new developments, as Property Developer or Delegated Project Owner. In the nineties Bati Gestion diversified its development, working in residential property with more than ten building projects created either directly or on behalf of third parties. This know-how in new buildings has now been adapted to the renovation of existing buildings using every legal form (Property Dealer, Delegated Project Owner and Property Development Contract). Bati Gestion also advises Investors and Users wishing to benefit from its professional knowledge.


Recruited after graduating from the Sorbonne University with a D.E.A. in labour law, Philippe Bodier has always worked for Bati Gestion. He was a part of all the emblematic deals in the era from 1985 to 1990 and succeeded in ensuring that Bati Gestion came through the crisis of the nineties to continue its development.

With a DEA degree in Private Law, Yann Mordret left Crédit Agricole Group in 1988 to join Bati Gestion. He was responsible for various Property Developments and Deals before initiating and managing Delegated Project Owner operations in Vélizy as from the beginning of the years 2000.