Environmental quality


At the end of 2005, Dassault Systèmes chose for its head office the project in Vélizy (78) submitted by Foncière des Régions (Project Owner), Bati Gestion (Delegated Project Owner) and Arte Charpentier (Architect). Delivered in June 2008, this 60 000 m2 property development was at the time one of the largest to be certified for all three of its phases (programme – design – building). The cost of certification and its affect on works were in step with initial forecasts. Also, thanks to specific organisational adaptations, requirements linked to HQE® certification demands did not result in any delays at the work site.

New or old, all buildings will have to comply with the regulations resulting from the Grenelle de l'Environnement. However, Bati Gestion intends to go beyond these energy requirements by acting within a global environmental approach. Monitoring of HQE® processes is and always will be at the heart of its concerns.


Aware of the need to take account of environmental demands, very early on Bati Gestion became involved in HQE® operations. Right from 2005 it was the driving force behind HQE® certification of the Dassault Systèmes head office in Vélizy. Since then it has obtained HQE® certification for the programme phase of the 20 000 m2 project in Bagnolet and has worked on the design of an HQE® and BBC (low energy building) operation of over 120 000 m2.


Justification of the energy efficiency and environmental quality of a building is now a necessity. Various certifications exist in the USA and Europe and these are demanded by Investors and Users alike. The success in France of the HQE® process when constructing new buildings demonstrates this. Bati Gestion has invested a great deal in these new demands, for both new and old buildings, surrounding itself with the very best specialists.